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Klunkerz is a fast-moving documentary that traces the global rise of mountain biking from it’s MarinCounty roots, a gonzo sport longfavored by fearless iconoclasts. An outgrowth of the Bay Area’slate-’60s early-’70s hippy counterculture, mountain biking got its startright in MVFF’s backyard. Pot-smoking adrenaline junkies from MillValley, Larkspur and surrounding towns took their pre-World War IIbicycles known as klunkerz due to their fat tires to the top of Mt.Tamalpais. Then hurled themselves down dirt paths, risking life andlimb in search of a killer high. People formed amateur bike leagues andtricked-out their two-wheelers with junkyard finds; spectacularwipe-outs made local guys national legends, and this mud-splatteredhobby became an international craze and Olympic sport. Archivalfootage, rare photos and interviews with klunkerz trailblazers merge inthis terrific film that races downhill toward mountain-bike bliss.


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